Museo de Anatomía Veterinaria, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Museo de Anatomía Veterinaria “Dr. Víctor M. Arroyo”, Universidad de La Plata

You can also view a YouTube video of the collection here

Museo de Veterinaria “Dr. Eduardo Murtagh”


Hanover, ​University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover: Museum for the History of Veterinary Medicine (the world's first and oldest).

Leipzig, ​University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary historical collection.


Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Institute of Veterinary Anatomy: Gurlt´sche Sammlung (the teratological collection of Ernst Friedrich Gurlt, once the largest collection in the world).


Halle, ​Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Faculty of Natural Sciences III: Museum für Haustierkunde "Julius Kühn" (a museum for the cultural history of domesticated animals).


A fifth museum exists in Badersleben in Saxony Anhalt and is private, it is called "Vet Museum":


Budapest, Virtuális Állatorvos-történeti Gyűjtemény, Szent István University


Bologna, Il Museo di Anatomia degli Animali Domestici dell’ Università di Bologna

Bologna, Museo di Anatomia patologica e teratologia veterinaria

Bologna, Raccolta di strumenti chirurgici veterinary


Morioka, Museum of Veterinary Medicine, Iwate University


Seoul, Museum, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University 


Oslo, Norwegian Veterinary History Museum

“The Norwegian Museum of Veterinary History presents the private collection of professor Carl Schwensen Aaser, donated to the the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science in 1969. The main attraction of the museum is a complete veterinary office from the early 1900s with original furniture, instruments, litterature and journals. The museum also displays a large number of veterinary instruments.”


Chiechanowiec, Muzeum Weterynarii, Muzeum Rolnictwa



Madrid, Museo de Veterinaria de la Universidad Complutense

Murcia, Museo Anatómico, Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad de Murcia


Zurich, Veterinary History and A. and M. Mahler Microscope Collection, Zürich


London, Virtual Museum of Veterinary History of The Royal Veterinary College

Aldershot, Army Medical Services museum (including Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC)

Reading, The Museum of English Rural Life 


Montevideo, Museo de Anatomía Veterinaria


The Iowa State University Museum of Veterinary Medicine

Minnesota, Minnesota veterinary History museum

Minnesota, Veterinary Anatomy Museum

Missouri, Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation Museum

The American Veterinary Medical History Society published a guide in 2016 listing Museums and Exhibits of veterinary medicine and related topics in America and Canada. Details here.