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Early Career Scholar Award Winners


1st prize: Dr Annelise Binois (France). ‘The bones of animal plagues: An inventory and analysis of archaeological evidence for mass animal mortalities in Western Europe (100BCE – 1900CE).'


1st prize: Dr Karl Bruno (Sweden). ‘Practical Training for Modern Practitioners: Nils Lagerlöf, India, and Early Swedish Development Aid at the Veterinary College.'

2nd prize: Kit Heintzman (USA). ‘A cabinet of the ordinary: Domesticating veterinary medicine.’

3rd prize: Dr Julie Hipperson (UK). “While a tear is in the eye’: Women and the gendered business of small animal practice in interwar Britain.’


1st prize: James Stark (UK). ‘Before anthrax was anthrax: Animals, humans and disease plurality in the 19th century.’

2nd prize: Rebecca Kaplan (USA). ‘The impact of veterinary medicine on brucellosis eradication policy in the United States, 1920-1955.’

3rd prize: Floor Haalboom (Netherlands). ‘Salmonella cycles and disciplinary boundaries: Medical and/or veterinary authority on the ‘salmonellosis problem’ in the Netherlands, 1959-78.’


1st prize: Dr Saurabh Mishra (UK).


1st prize: Dr Tim Newfield (USA). 'A cattle panzootic in early fourteenth-century Europe.'

2nd prize: Dr Delphine Berdah (France). “Viande, santé publique et expertise vétérinaire en Francedans le dernièr quart du XIXè siècle.'

3rd prize: Berfin Melikoğlu (Turkey). 'The historical development of the first society for animal protection in Turkey.

Abstracts available here.


1st prize: Dr Michael McKay (UK).


1st prize: Dr Abigail Woods (UK).

2016 ECS Award Winner

Dr. Karl Bruno

2018 ECS Award Winner

Dr Annelise Binois.