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To join or renew your membership please follow these two simple steps.


Step 1: Select your category of membership


Annual Subscriptions


20 € for individual members

35 € for museums

150 € for research institutions and libraries

For National Societies for the History of Veterinary Medicine annual subscriptions are based on number of active members.


Each association will decide on the number of active members & send this information, along with names of officers, to Secretary Jons Straatman (


  1. 50 active members or fewer: 4 Euro per member, per annum.

  2. 51 to 100 active members: 3 Euro per member, per annum.

  3. More than 100 active members: 2 Euro per member, per annum.


Example: The Atlantis National Association has 72 active members. 72 x 3 Euro = 216 Euro annual subscription.


Please also update your National Association’s name, secretariat details, and number of active members by sending information to: 

Jons Straatman
WAHVM Secretary

Dutch Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine
Rijksstraatweg 23
NL 9752 AA Haren

The Netherlands
Phone: +31 50 5263684

Mobile: +31 6 45057251


Halvor Hektoen




Step 2: Make the payment


Once you’ve selected your membership category please make the appropriate payment via:





Or alternatively via:

  • A direct PayPal transfer using your PayPal account to

  • Or by credit card from anywhere in the world using our secure PayPal account


Please contact Halvor Hektoen (  with the details of any payments made or if you require any further information regarding your membership subscription and payment.


Thank you for supporting the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine.

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